Improvement of Power Quality for Microgrid using Fuzzy Based UPQC Controller

Abdul Rasheed, G. Keshava Rao


Generally, the power systems are mainly effected by the continuous changes in operational requirement and increasing amount of distributed energy systems. This paper proposes a new concept of power-control strategies for a micro grid generation system for better transfer of power. The micro grids are obtained with the general renewable energy sources and this concept provides the maximum utilization of power at environmental free conditions with low losses; then the system efficiency is also improved. This paper proposes a single stage converter based micro grid to reduce the number of converters in an individual ac or dc grid. The proposed micro grid concept can work in both stand-alone mode and also in grid interfaced mode. The distortions that occur in power system due to changes in load or because of usage of non-linear loads, can be eliminated by using control strategies designed for shunt active hybrid filters such as series and shunt converters. A conventional Proportional Integral (PI) and Fuzzy Logic Controllers are used for power quality enhancement by reducing the distortions in the output power. The simulation results are compared among the two control strategies, that fuzzy logic controller and pi controller.


Fuzzy controller, Grid control, Micro-grid, UPQC, Wind power generation

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