The Optimal Thresholding Technique for Image Segmentaion Using Fuzzy Otsu Method

P. Rambabu, C. Naga Raju


Image Segmentation plays a very important role in image processing. The single-mindedness of image segmentation is to partition the image into a set of disconnected regions with the homogeneous and uniform attributes like intensity, tone, color and texture. There are various methods for image segmentation but no method is suitable for low contrast images. In this paper, we are presenting an efficient and optimal thresholding image segmentation technique that can be used to separate the object and background pixels of the image to improve the quality of low contrast images. This innovative method consists of two steps. Firstly fuzzy logics are used to find optimum mean value using S-curve with automatic selection of controlled parameters to avoid the fuzziness in the image. Secondly, the fuzzy logic’s optimal threshold value used in Otsu method to improve the contrast of the image. This method, gives better results than traditional Otsu and Fuzzy logic techniques. The graphs and tables of values show that the proposed method is superior to traditional methods.


BCV, Fuzzy Logic, Otsu, Segmentation

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