Improving evolutionary algorithm applied in the ciphering system SEC

Mohammed Bougrine, Salima Trichni, Fouzia Omary


Nowadays the computer security becomes, increasingly, an important and indispensable field. It represents a major challenge for all entities: economic, political, social and all others…. However, few are the cryptographic systems that ensure security and still resists to the enormous growth in technology. Now, cryptanalysis tools are much more sophisticated and more powerful than before. Hence the need to design new systems that can be competitive to the old ones, Cryptographic systems with new properties and able to support this technology watch.In this work we have focused on the SEC encryption system recently developed and uses a new approach of ciphering based on evolutionary algorithms, hence it’s called: Symmetrical Evolutionary Ciphering. Our goal is to study this system and improve its resistance against all possible types of attack. Since our belief that the strength of this type of algorithm will be very beneficial in cryptography. In this paper, we will present a new evaluation function that we have developed for SEC to give birth to most pertinent results and improve performance of this system.


Appearance Frequency, Combinatorial Problems, Cryptography, Evolutionary Algorithms, Fitness Function, Security, Symmetrical Encryption

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