Enhancing Knowledge Hyper Surface Method for Casting Diagnosing

Nazri Mohd Nawi


The diagnosis of defective castings has always been a centre of attention in the manufacturing industry. This is mainly because the cause and effect relationship in a casting process is complex and non-linear. Furthermore, a large number of parameters are needed to be coordinated with each other in an optimal way to minimise the occurrence of defective castings. An intelligent diagnosis system is needed to diagnose effectively the causal representation and also justify its diagnosis. A previous method, known as the Knowledge Hyper-surface method which used Lagrange Interpolation polynomials has gained more popularity in learning cause and effect analysis in casting processes. The current method show that the belief value of the occurrence of cause with respect to the change in the belief value in the occurrence of effect can be modeled by linear, quadratic or cubic relationships and the method retained the advantages of neural networks and overcomes their limitations in learning the input-output mapping function in the presence of noisy, limited and sparse data. However, the methodology was unable to model exponential increase/decrease in belief values in cause and effect relationships. This paper proposed an enhancement to the current Knowledge Hyper-surface method by introducing midpoints in the existing shape formulation which further constrains the shape of the Knowledge hyper-surfaces to model an exponential rise in belief values but without exposing the dataset to the limitations of ‘over fitting’. The ability of the proposed method to capture the exponential change in the belief variation of the cause when the belief in the effect is at its minimum is compared to the current method on real casting data.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11591/ij-ai.v2i1.584


Lagrange Interpolation polynomials; Knowledge Hyper-surface; belief variation; exponential rise; casting diagnosing

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