A Novel Optimization Algorithm Based on Stinging Behavior of Bee

S. Jayalakshmi, R. Aswini


Optimization algorithms are search methods to find an optimal solution to a problem with a set of constraints. Bio-Inspired Algorithms (BIAs) are based on biological behavior to solve a real world problem. BIA with optimization technique is to improve the overall performance of BIA. The aim of this paper is to introduce a novel optimization algorithm which is inspired by natural stinging behavior of honey bee to find the optimal solution. This algorithm performs both monitor and sting if any occurrence of predators. By applying a novel optimization algorithm based on stinging behavior of bee, used to solve the intrusion detection problems. In this paper, a new host intrusion detection system based on novel optimization algorithm has been proposed and implemented. The performance of the proposed Anomaly-based Host Intrusion Detection System (A-HIDS) using a novel optimization algorithm based on stinging behavior of bee has been tested. In this paper, after an explanation of the natural stinging behavior of honey bee, a novel optimization algorithm and A-HIDS are described and implemented. The results show that the novel optimization algorithm offers some advantage according to the nature of the problem.


Anomaly detection, Bio-Inspired Algorithms, Host intrusion detection system, Index Terms-Optimization algorithms, Stinging behavior

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijai.v7.i4.pp153-164


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