Development of path planning algorithm of centipede inspired wheeled robot in presence of static and moving obstacles using modified critical-snakebug algorithm

Subir Kumar Das, Ajoy Kumar Dutta, Subir Kumar Debnath


Path planning for a movable robot in real life situation has been widely cultivated and become research interest for last few decades. Biomimetic robots have increased attraction for their capability to develop various kind of walking in order to navigate in different environment. To meet this requirement of natural insect locomotion has enabled the development of composite tiny robots. Almost all insect-scale legged robots take motivation from stiff-body hexapods; though, a different distinctive organism we find in nature is centipede, distinguished by its numerous legs and pliable body. This uniqueness is anticipated to present performance benefits to build robot of the said type in terms of swiftness, steadiness, toughness, and adaptation ability. This paper proposes a local path planning algorithm of multiple rake centipede inspired robot namely ModifiedCritical-SnakeBug (MCSB) algorithm. Algorithm tries to avoid static and dynamic obstacle both. The results demonstrate the capability of the algorithm.



Bioinspired mobile robot; Bug algorithm; Critical point; Local path planning; Obstacle avoidance; Open point

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