An efficient method to improve the clustering performance using hybrid robust principal component analysis-spectral biclustering in rainfall patterns identification

Shazlyn Milleana Shaharudin, Shuhaida Ismail, Siti Mariana Che Mat Nor, Norhaiza Ahmad


In this study, hybrid RPCA-spectral biclustering model is proposed in identifying the Peninsular Malaysia rainfall pattern. This model is a combination between Robust Principal Component Analysis (RPCA) and biclustering in order to overcome the skewness problem that existed in the Peninsular Malaysia rainfall data. The ability of Robust PCA is more resilient to outlier given that it assesses every observation and downweights the ones which deviate from the data center compared to classical PCA. Meanwhile, two way-clustering able to simultaneously cluster along two variables and exhibit a high correlation compared to one-way cluster analysis. The experimental results showed that the best cumulative percentage of variation in between 65%-70% for both Robust and classical PCA. Meanwhile, the number of clusters has improved from six disjointed cluster in Robust PCA-kMeans to eight disjointed cluster for the proposed model. Further analysis shows that the proposed model has smaller variation with the values of 0.0034 compared to 0.030 in Robust PCAkMeans model. Evident from this analysis, it is proven that the proposed RPCA-spectral biclustering model is predominantly acclimatized to the identifying rainfall patterns in Peninsular Malaysia due to the small variation of the clustering result.


Cluster analysis; Principal component analysis; Robust principal component analysis; Spectral biclustering; Tukey’s biweight correlation

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