Expert judgment Z-Numbers as a ranking indicator for hierarchical fuzzy logic system

Shaiful Bakhtiar bin Rodzman, Normaly Kamal Ismail, Nurazzah Abd Rahman, Syed Ahmad Aljunid, Zulhilmi Mohamed Nor, Ku Muhammad Naim Ku Khalif


In this article, the researchers main contribution is to investigate three factors which may correlate in implementation of Expert Judgment Z-Numbers as new Fuzzy Logic Ranking Indicator such as: expert relevance judgment or score, the expert confidence and the level of expertise. The Expert Judgment Z-Numbers then will be an input to the Hierarchical Fuzzy Logic System of Domain Specific Text Retrieval, along with other indicators such as Ontology BM25 Score, Fabrication Rate, Shia Rate and Positive Rate of hadith document. The results showed, the proposed system, with the additional new indicator of Expert Judgment Z-Numbers, may improve the original BM25 ranking function, by yielding better results on 26 queries, on all evaluation metrics that are measured in this research such as P@10, %no measures and MAP, and has achieved better results in 28 queries on P@10 alone, compared to the BM25 original score, that only yield better results in 2 queries on all evaluation metrics, and also yield better results in 4 queries on the MAP alone. The results proved that the proposed system has a capability to utilize the expert confidence and their relevant judgment that are represented in Z-Number, as an indicator to optimize the existing ranking function system and has a potential for a further research to be conducted on these domains. For the future works, the researchers would like to enhance this research by including a variety of expert’s level confidence and their judgment, also a new calculation to represent the value of Z-Numbers.


BM25 model; Domain specific text retrieval; Expert judgment; Fuzzy logic; Ranking indicator; Z-Numbers

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