Intelligent optimization and management system for renewable energy systems using multi-agent

Chahinaze Ameur, Sanaa Faquir, Ali Yahyaouy


Hybrid energy systems (HES) using renewable energy sources are an interesting solution for power stand-alone systems. However, the energy management of such systems is very complex. This paper presents a Multi Agent System (MAS) framework applied to manage the flow of energy in a hybrid stand-alone system. The proposed system consists of photovoltaic panels and a wind turbine along with batteries as storage units. The proposed MAS architecture composed of different agents (photovoltaic agent, wind turbine agent, supervisor agent, load controller agent, and storage agent) was developed to manage the flow of energy between the energy resources and the storage units for an isolated house. The agent-approach for HES is explained and the proposed MAS is presented and a simulation model is developed in the java agent development environment (JADE). The system was tested with empty batteries and full batteries and results showed that the system could satisfy the load demand while maintaining the level of the batteries between 30% (minimum discharging rate) and 80% (maximum charging rate).


Multi-agent system; Photovoltaic panels; Renewable energy; Wind turbine

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