Intelligent risk management framework

Wissam Abbass, Zineb Bakraouy, Amine Baina, Mostafa Bellafkih


The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly increasing and enhancing today’s world by introducing a large set of interconnected devices. Several beneficial services are produced by these devices as for area monitoring and process control. However, IoT security is still a major problem. In fact, IoT’ security beggings largely whith an effective Risk Management process. However, the essense of this process is to acquire a risk inventory cibling the IoT devices. Nevertheless, it is quite difficult to obtaining this latter which significantly adds complication issues to the Risk Management. Without the ability of holisticly identify the IoT critical devices, inaccurate Risk Management is achieved which leads unfortunately to novel risk exposures. Traditional Riskbased approaches fails drastically at apprending IoT’ potential attacks. The dynamic structure, the heteregouns nature of devices, the various security objectives and infrastructure pervasiveness are key factors impacting the overall perfomance. Thus, a holistic Risk Management witihin the IoT is indispensable. Accordingly, we propose an intelligent Risk Management framework using Mobile Agents in order to deliver preventive and responsive assessment.


ArchiMate; Artificial intelligence; Convolutional neural network; Internet of things; Mobile agents; Nessus; PDCA cycle; Risk management

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