Classification of RRIM clone series using artificial neural network

Faridatul Ama Ismail, Nina Korlina Madzhi, Noor Ezan Abdullah, Hadzli Hashim


This paper presents comparative investigation on the classification of rubber latex clone series using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) based on optical sensing technique. Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia (RRIM) introduced the rubber breeding program known as RRIM clone series in order to increase the yield of latex production and the rubber wood to meet the requirement for export and import in upstream sector. Due to the large numbers of clones launched with different characteristics and properties, this bring difficulty such as lack of information regarding to the identification on cloning. Therefore, this work developed an optical based sensing system for classification of the selected RRIM 2000 and 3000 clone series based. Near Infrared Sensors was used as sensing element in order to measure the latex from the top surface and photodiode which received the reflected light from the sensor via reflectance index in term of voltage. The raw obtained data was then used as input parameter for ANN tool which supervised by scaled gradient back propagation and the performance was optimized at 25 neurons with 74.4% accuracy. By using ANN the sensitivity, specificity and accuracy for each clones are measured.  RRIM 3001 shows the highest sensitivity, 94.1% while RRIM 2002 shows the highest specificity of 99.1% accuracy, 93.1%. As a result, the system could differentiate RRIM 2002 more compare to other clones.


Artifical neural network, Clone, Near-infrared sensor, Rrim, Rubber latex

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