Fault-type coverage based ant colony optimization algorithm for attaining smaller test suite

Bharathi M, Sangeetha V


In this paper, we proposed Fault-Type Coverage Based Ant Colony Optimization (FTCBACO) technique for test suite optimization. An algorithm starts with initialization of FTCBACO factors using test cases in test suite. Then, assign separate ant to each test case called vertex. Each ant chooses best vertices to attain food source called objective of the problem by means of updating of pheromone trails and higher probability trails. This procedure is repeated up to the ant reaches food source. In FTCBACO algorithm, minimal number of test cases with less execution time chosen by an ant to cover all faults type (objective) are taken as optimal solution. We measured the performance of FTCBACO against Greedy approach and Additional Greedy Approach in terms of fault type coverage, test suite size and execution time. However, the heuristic Greedy approach and Additional Greedy approach required more execution time and maximum test suite size to provide the best resolution for test suite optimization problem. Statistical investigations are performed to finalize the performance significance of FTCBACO with other approaches that concludes FTCBACO technique enriches the reduction rate of test suite and minimizes execution time of reducing test cases efficiently.


Additional greedy approach, Ant colony optimization, Fault-type coverage, Greedy approach, Test suite optimization

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijai.v9.i3.pp507-519


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