Virtual machine migration in MEC based artificial intelligence technique

Ali OUACHA, Mohamed EL Ghmary


The whole world is inundated with smaller devices equipped with wireless communication interfaces. At the same time, the amount of data generated by these devices is becoming more important. The smaller size of these devices has the disadvantage of being short of processing and storage resources (memory, processes, energy,...), especially when it needs to process larger amounts of data. In order to overcome this weakness and process massive data, devices must help each other. A low-resource node can delegate the execution of a set of computionly heavy tasks to another machine in the network to process them for it. The machine with sufficient computational resources must also deposit the appropriate environment represented by the adapted virtual machine. Thus, in this paper, in order to migrate the virtual machine to an edge server in a mobile edge computing environment, we have proposed an approach based on artificial intelligence. More specifically, the main idea of this paper is to cut a virtual machine into several small pieces and then send them to an appropriate target node (Edge Server) using the ant colony algorithm. In order to test and prove the effectiveness of our approach, several simulations are made by NS3. The obtained results show that our approach is well adapted to mobile environments.


Ant colonny algorithme; Intelligence artificial; Migration virtual machines; Mobile edge computing; Routing protocole

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