Improving radiographic image contrast using multi layers of histogram equalization technique

Farah F. Alkhalid, Ahmed Mudher Hasan, Ahmed A. Alhamady


Usually, X-ray image has distortion in many parts because it is focusing on bones rather than other, However, when dentist needs to make decision analysis, he does that by using X-ray and many opinions can be judged by looking closely on it like (inflammation, infection, tooth nerve, root of the tooth…). This paper proposes on new suggested technique by applying multilayers of histogram equalization (HE) and contrast limited adaptive histogram equalization (CLAHE) in order to make high contrast of X-ray, this technique provides very satisfied results and smooth intensity which leads to high clear X-ray image, by using Python3 and OpenCV.


CLAHE; Contrast; Histogram; Histogram equalization; X-ray

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