Comparison of meta-heuristic algorithms for fuzzy modelling of COVID-19 illness’ severity classification

Nur Azieta Mohamad Aseri, Mohd Arfian Ismail, Abdul Sahli Fakharudin, Ashraf Osman Ibrahim, Shahreen Kasim, Noor Hidayah Zakaria, Tole Sutikno


The world health organization (WHO) proclaimed the COVID-19, commonly known as the coronavirus disease 2019, was a pandemic in March 2020. When people are in close proximity to one another, the virus spreads mostly through the air. It causes some symptoms in the affected person. COVID-19 symptoms are quite variable, ranging from none to severe sickness. As a result, the fuzzy method is seen favourably as a tool for determining the severity of a person’s COVID-19 sickness. However, when applied to a large situation, manually generating a fuzzy parameter is challenging. This could be because of the identification of a large number of fuzzy parameters. A mechanism, such as an automatic procedure, is consequently required to identify the right fuzzy parameters. The metaheuristic algorithm is regarded as a viable strategy. Five meta-heuristic algorithms were analyzed and utilized in this article to classify the severity of COVID-19 sickness data. The performance of the five meta-heuristic algorithms was evaluated using the COVID-19 symptoms dataset. The COVID-19 symptom dataset was created in accordance with WHO and the Indian ministry of health and family welfare criteria. The findings provide the average classification accuracy for each approach.


COVID-19; Differential evolution; Fuzzy logic; Genetic algorithm; Meta-heuristic; Particle swarm optimization; TLBO Algorithm

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