Brain tumor segmentation using double density dual tree complex wavelet transform combined with convolutional neural network and genetic algorithm

Ridha Sefina Samosir, Edi Abdurachman, Ford Lumban Gaol, Boy Subirosa Sabarguna


Image segmentation is often faced by low contrast, bad boundaries, and inhomogeneity that made it difficult to separate normal and abnormal tissue. Therefore, it takes long periodto read and diagnose brain tumor patients. The aim of this study was to applied hybrid methods to optimize segmentation process of magnetic resonance image of brain. In this study, we divide the brain tumor images with double density dual-tree complex wavelet transform (DDDTCWT), continued by convolutional neural network (CNN), and optimized by genetic algorithm (GA) with 48 combinations yielding excellent results. The F-1 score was 99.42%, with 913 images test data. The training images consist of 1397 normal MRI images and 302 tumor magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) images resized by 32 x32 pixels. The DDDTCWT transforms the input images into more detail than ordinary wavelet transforms, and the CNNs will recognize the pattern of the output images. Additionally, we applied the GA to optimize the weights and biases from the first layer of the CNNs layers. The parameters used for evaluating were dice similarity coefficient (DSC), positive present value (PPV), sensitivity, and accuracy. The result showed that the combination of DDDTCWT, CNN, and GA could be used to brain MRI images and it generated parameters value more that 95%.


Brain tumor; Convolutional neural network; Double density dual-tree complex wavelet transforms; Genetic algorithm; Image segmentation;

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