Multi-objective load balancing in cloud infrastructure through fuzzy based decision making and genetic algorithm based optimization

Neema George, Anoop Balakrishnan Kadan, Vinodh P. Vijayan


Cloud computing became a popular technology which influence not only product development but also made technology business easy. The services like infrastructure, platform and software can reduce the complexity of technology requirement for any ecosystem. As the users of cloud-based services increases the complexity of back-end technologies also increased. The heterogeneous requirement of users in terms for various configurations creates different unbalancing issues related to load. Hence effective load balancing in a cloud system with reference to time and space become crucial as it adversely affect system performance. Since the user requirement and expected performance is multi-objective use of decision-making tools like fuzzy logic will yield good results as it uses human procedure knowledge in decision making. The overall system performance can be further improved by dynamic resource scheduling using optimization technique like genetic algorithm.


Data mining and analysis; Distributed systems; Fuzzy logic; Genetic algorithm; Intelligent and knowledge-based system; Scheduling

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