Location-aware hybrid microscopic routing scheme for mobile opportunistic network

Shobha R. Bharamagoudar, Shivakumar V. Saboji


Mobile opportunistic networks (MON) has been used for provisioning delay-tolerant applications. In MON the device communicates with each other with no assured end-to-end paths from source and destination because of frequent topology changes, node mobility, low density, and intermittent connectivity. In MON the device battery drains very fast for performing activities such as scanning, transceiver, and other computational processes, impacting the overall performance thus, designing energy-efficient routing is a challenging task. The routing employs a store-carry-and-forward mechanism for packet communication, where the packet is composed of time-to-live (TTL) and is kept in buffer till the opportunity arises. In improving delivery ratio message replication has been adopted; however, induces high network congestion. Here we present a location-aware hybrid microscopic routing (LAHMR) scheme for MON. The LAHMR provides an effective packet transmission scheme with location awareness and high reliability by limiting unnecessary packets being circulated in the network. Experiment outcome shows the LAHMR scheme achieves a much better delivery ratio with less delay, and also reduces the number of a forwarder for transmitting a packet, aiding in the reduction of network overhead concerning recent routing method namely the social-aware reliable forwarding (SCARF) technique.


Bandwidth utilization; Location awareness; Microscopic parameter; Routing; Wireless communication

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijai.v12.i2.pp785-793


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