An optimized approach to enhance the network lifetime through integrated data aggregation and data dissemination in wireless sensor network

Anitha Chikkanayakanahalli LokeshKumar, Ranganathaiah Sumathi


Wireless sensor network (WSN) is an integral part of internet of things (IoT), it comprises multiple sensor nodes to sense that data for various applications; also, sensor nodes have limited energy. Hence, several researchers to improvise the network lifetime and reduce energy through machine learning approaches like clustering have used data aggregation; considering the WSN architecture and development of novel use cases and dynamic behavior, data aggregation cannot solve the problem of efficiency solely. Hence integrating data aggregation and data dissemination can provide a research scope to achieve optimal efficiency. This research work introduces an integrated-data aggregation and data dissemination (DADD) to develop an efficient WSN-based model for lifetime enhancement. Integrated-DADD follows two sub-mechanisms; the first part of the mechanism introduces an optimal clustering technique to perform the clustering and optimal parameter tuning is formulated and efficient data aggregation takes place. The second part of the integrated-DADD introduces optimal data dissemination through optimal path selection, which helps in finding the suitable path for data dissemination. Integrated-DADD is evaluated considering the parameters like energy consumption, network lifetime in terms of rounds; active node participation, and communication overhead, comparative analysis indicates that integrated-DADD outperforms the existing model.


Clustering; Data aggregation; Data dissemination; Network lifetime; Wireless sensor network

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