Blockchain and machine learning in the internet of things: a review of smart healthcare

Nwadher Suliman Al-Blihed, Nouf Fahad Al-Mufadi, Nouf Thyab Al-Harbi, Ibrahim Ahmed Al-Omari, Mohammed Abdullah Al-Hagery


The healthcare sector has benefited from digital transformation and modern technology. As well is expected to rely even more on the internet of things (IoT) technologies in the near future. Due to the availability of portable medical devices, applications, and mobile health services, all of which have contributed to the development of innovative features for the delivery of healthcare services. With the large number of data issued from the IoT and the importance of using data to benefit from contained in diagnosing diseases, medical records, or monitoring. Furthermore, the expansion of emerging technologies such as robots and machine learning (ML) is supported by the ease with exchanged and shared medical information. Moreover, Blockchain technology enables the creation of secure records for storing medical data in a safe and timely manner. The paper reviews various IoT, Blockchain, and ML applications and systems in the smart healthcare sector to discover many challenges, consequently, it will be easy for researchers who have an interest in these fields to find today and future solutions. This, in turn, will help to enhance the technical services depending on the IoT in ML and Blockchain in the smart healthcare field.


Blockchain technology; Healthcare; Internet of things; Machine learning; Smart healthcare

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