FrBMedQA: the first French biomedical question answering dataset

Zakaria Kaddari, Toumi Bouchentouf


FrBMedQA is the first French biomedical question answering dataset, containing 41k+ passage-question instances. It was automatically constructed in a cloze-style manner, from biomedical French Wikipedia articles. To test the validity and difficulty of the dataset, we experimented with four statistical baseline models, a biomedical bidirectional encoder representation from transformers (BERT)-based model, and two French BERT-based language model. We also did human evaluation on a subset of the test set. All the three tested models were not able to surpass the best performing baseline model. Human performance at 61.11% is leading the leaderboard with more than 8% from the best performing model. We made available the dataset and the code to reproduce our results.


Biomedical; Dataset; FrBMedQA; Information retrieval; Question answering;

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