Fault tolerant control of two tanks system using gain-scheduled type-2 fuzzy sliding mode controller

Keltoum Loukal, Abderrahmen Bouguerra, Samir Zeghlache


To save the robustness of type 2 fuzzy logic control technique and to avoid the high energy consumption that represents the sliding mode control (SMC) technique control technique, without failing the performance of the system, we propose a new fault tolerant control method based on gain-scheduled sliding mode control with interval type 2 fuzzy logic (FTCGST2FSMC) applied to the hydraulic system (two tanks system) with an actuator fault. The proposed control scheme avoids a difficult modeling, due to the chatter effect of the SMC, guarantees the stability studied by Lyapunov with the robustness of the system. The gains of the control with the SMC controller are modified and changed by an adaptation with a technique based on type 2 fuzzy logic, used to improve the gains of the controller when the fault is added, the proposed FTCGST2FSMC controller has been compared with the sliding mode controller. The results obtained confirm the robustness and the performance of this method, in the presence of the actuator fault effect.


Fault tolerant control gain-sheduled type 2 fuzzy sliding mode controller; Gain-scheduled; Sliding mode control; Two tanks system; Type 2 fuzzy logic control

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijai.v12.i3.pp1158-1168


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