Enhancing service excellence: analyzing natural language question answering with advanced cosine similarity

Riza Arifudin, Subhan Subhan, Yahya Nur Ifriza


Information related to student services in higher education must be produced and disseminated in various forms. Covid-19 pandemic, student services with a remote model related to this question and answer become very important. To carry out this automation process, the advanced cosine similarity method is used to check the similarity of the questions to the database and statistics to calculate the similarity value of each word. The proposed paper proceeds with three phases. The first stage to solve this problem is the data processed in question; the professional next step is word insertion. It converts alphanumeric words to vector format. Each word is a vector that represents a point in space with a certain dimension. The recommended advanced cosine similarity data still must be analyzed into a statistical approach. We will measure accuracy to get results so that optimal results and answers are obtained, research procedures are carried out based on literature study, initial data collection and observation, system development, system testing, system analysis, and system evaluation. This research implemented in universities with student chat automation applications providing an accuracy 83.90% given by natural language question answering system (NLQAS) so that it can improve excellent service in universities.


Cosine similarity; Natural language question answering system; Performance; Statistical scoring;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijai.v13.i2.pp1773-1781


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