Deep learning-based classification of cattle behavior using accelerometer sensors

Khalid El Moutaouakil, Noureddine Falih


The increasing demand for food has led to the adoption of precision livestock, which relies on information and communication technology to promote the best practices in meat production. By automating various aspects of the industry, precision livestock allows for increased productivity, more effective management strategies, and decision-making. The paper proposes a methodology that uses deep learning techniques to automatically classify cattle behavior using accelerometer sensors embedded in collars. The work aims to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the industry by improving the classification of cattle behaviors, which is essential for farmers and barn managers to make informed decisions. We tested three different classification techniques to classify rumination, movement, resting, feeding, salting and other cattle behaviors and we achieved promising results that can contribute to a better understanding and management of cattle behavior in the livestock industry.


Agriculture 4.0; Deep learning; Livestock farming; Precision livestock; Smart farm;

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