Deep Machine Learning and Neural Networks: An Overview

Chandrahas Mishra, D. L. Gupta


Deep learning is a technique of machine learning in artificial intelligence area. Deep learning in a refined "machine learning" algorithm that far surpasses a considerable lot of its forerunners in its capacities to perceive syllables and picture. Deep learning is as of now a greatly dynamic examination territory in machine learning and example acknowledgment society. It has increased colossal triumphs in an expansive zone of utilizations, for example, speech recognition, computer vision and natural language processing and numerous industry item. Neural network is used to implement the machine learning or to design intelligent machines. In this paper brief introduction to all machine learning paradigm and application area of deep machine learning and different types of neural networks with applications is discussed.


Artificial neural network (ANN). Automatic speech recognition (ASR), Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and deep belief networks (DBNs), Feature representation, Machine learning (ML), neural nets models

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