Computational intelligence based lossless regeneration (CILR) of blocked gingivitis intraoral image transportation

Anirban Bhowmik, Joydeep Dey, Arindam Sarkar, Sunil Karforma


This paper presented that an intraoral image has been wrapped during wireless transportation with an encryption tool with an added essence of lossless regeneration property. Threshold based cryptographic transportation has provided the construction of reliable and robust medical data communication system. The accumulation of threshold shares only would result to the formation of the intraoral gingivitis image at the receivers’ end. The proposed technique dealt with the generation of n number of partial shares by creating a unique frame structure by the dentist / physician. Additional feature has been proposed on the computational lossless transportation.The existing techniques cause a high computational complexity. The proposed technique ensured the lossless regeneration property while blocked gingivitis image sharing. Filling of bits have been incorporated to ensure the static sized homogeneous blocks of intraoral gingivitis image. A graphical masking method had been deployed, followed by successive decryption procedure on minimum threshold shares that ensure lossless data regeneration. This can guide the dental treatment with enhanced accuracy. Different types of statistical testing like entropy analysis and histogram analysis confirms the exhibition of authenticity, confidentiality, and integrity of our proposed technique.


Entropy; frame Format orientation; Lossless data property; Mask matrix; Secret intraoral image

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